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Taming the Black Swan

The Power Behind New Risk Management Technologies

Are You Prepared for the Next Black Swan Event?


Risk, whether it comes in the form of a white swan, grey swan, or black swan, abounds in the marketplace. And the pace of change and transformation is not slowing down. It is the ability of today’s companies -- across all industries -- to anticipate, weigh, and balance those risks. In that way, they can help create opportunities for innovation and growth and a competitive edge.

  • Emerging Business Risks. There are many compounding risks facing businesses today. This whitepaper walks through some of the most critical and consequential concerns.
  • Utilize Predictive Analytics and AI. Technology can be a powerful ally in the fight to manage and mitigate risk. Now, with the integration of advanced analytics capabilities companies can better position for and anticipate unknown risks lurking right around the corner.
  • Optimize for Business Success. Highlights from real-world case studies demonstrate the measurable impacts that risk management can have on an organization. Are you positioned to leverage them to your own advantage?

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